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Free Running

Nothing beats a jaunt on the beech in summer. This lady knows what she`s up to.


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Natural Beauty

We often overlook the beauty in the smallest things nature provides. This may look like a weed, but its color, shape and texture shows that nature creates fine art to the smallest detail.

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Inside the Cathedral

Under the expansive roof of Chartres Cathedral is this seldom seen boaedwalk, a tribute to the buildres who constructed this massive church. A good place for prayer and meditation. For more images like this, go to: http://www.creativedigitalexpressions.com

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Under the Roof Chartres

Packard Convertible 1933

Classic cars are still much in demand as antiques and this is one of them. An original¬† Packard Convertible now sells for over $300,000. on auction. It”s likely to be beyond most budgets. Still, owning one can give you a nostalgic feeling for those old days when cars were far more solid than today.



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