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Free Running

Nothing beats a jaunt on the beech in summer. This lady knows what she`s up to.


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Natural Beauty

We often overlook the beauty in the smallest things nature provides. This may look like a weed, but its color, shape and texture shows that nature creates fine art to the smallest detail.

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Inside the Cathedral

Under the expansive roof of Chartres Cathedral is this seldom seen boaedwalk, a tribute to the buildres who constructed this massive church. A good place for prayer and meditation. For more images like this, go to: http://www.creativedigitalexpressions.com

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Under the Roof Chartres

Simplistic Scenery

Photo of Argentine Landscape given severl applications in Dynamic Auto Painter. The brush style is simple, yet the image comes out clear.

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Argentina 2_DAP_PopArt

The Inn of the Green Dragon

Hobbits never had it so good! This tranquil place situated in green lush hills of New Zealand is the place where anyone can find relaxation and get away from it all. The inn serves up the typical foods of Middle Earth to make you stay longer. Come for a visit!

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Inn of the Green Dragon

La Familia

Life in the old days in Little Italy when families stayed together. A scene derived from the Godfather, part two and digitally remastered through Paint Shop Pro.



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The Familia

The Golden Tree

Three of Gold

Tree of Gold. Created with Dynamic Auto Painter

A very early image created some years back. It was resurrected and given a paint style using Dynamic Auto Painter and embellishments with Paint Shop Pro. DAP is a unique program that fits both the beginner and the seasoned pro. While it creates amazing works of art, it has the tools to adjust the created image both before, during and after the render. This makes it one of the most versatile paint programs out there.



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