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Free Running

Nothing beats a jaunt on the beech in summer. This lady knows what she`s up to.


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Ours is the Fury is the motto for House Baratheon of the Game of Thrones. The Baratheon crowned stag on a background of King’s Landing with the fiery motto on a silver field. It’s today’s new coat of arms for the House. For more see:


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Baratheon Sigil

Winter is Coming

It’s the motto for House Stark which was destined to become an exiled house in the Game of Thrones. This coat of arms is composed of a direwolf illustration on the background of Winterfell with the words of House Stark; Winter is Coming.

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The Stark Words

Abstract Floating Bubble

This abstract had its beginnings as an Ultra Fractal image. It was them given an application using Filter Forge before being finished in Paint Shop Pro. The bubble appears to float over the background giving it a 3D appearance. There’s more you can view here:


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La Familia

Life in the old days in Little Italy when families stayed together. A scene derived from the Godfather, part two and digitally remastered through Paint Shop Pro.



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The Familia

Gallahad Battles the Dragon

Bravery Against the Odds

Bravery Against the Odds

We all battle our own internal dragons, whether real or imagined. But victory accrues to those who try, even if they fail a number of time. Ultimately, we will prevail and victory will be assured.


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Rebirth of the Maya

The New Temple of the Maya

Rebirth of an Ancient Civilization.

Long thought dead, the Mayan civilization is renewed and reborn in this fictitious rendition of their future temple. The grand pyramid is no longer used for sacrifice, only to show the grand architectural design of a new and flourishing civilization. Rent a room, stay for a night and enjoy the new amenities of this new concept city!


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