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Quiet Moments In the Godswood

It’s a peaceful moment under the God tree between Catelyn and Ned Stark before the war for the throne begins. House Stark i destined to fall as the houses vie for control of the throne.



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The Inn of the Green Dragon

Hobbits never had it so good! This tranquil place situated in green lush hills of New Zealand is the place where anyone can find relaxation and get away from it all. The inn serves up the typical foods of Middle Earth to make you stay longer. Come for a visit!

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Inn of the Green Dragon

Fractal Abstrct 203

Mandala of the Holy Cross

Created long ago with Mandala Maker. This image was resurrected and given new life through Dynamic Auto Painter software program. I added a new brush style, so the image looks like it was painted with a heavy brush with low detail. As a mandala it has a meditative quality and begs the viewer to look closer at its religious significance.



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Holy Cross Mandala_DAP_Experimental 2

The Buddha’s Ipad

The Buddha goes modern with this painting on an Ipad! Proof that even Buddhism still has some relevance today!


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In Memorial

A bright bouquet of flowers for my mother who passed away last October. This digital painting of lovely flowers was enhanced with Fractaluis and various applications in Paint Shop Pro. It brings out the beauty that was my mother’s life. She passed away only a short month after her 92nd birthday. May she be reborn again to a better life.


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Rose 004_DAP_New_Vincent

Cubist Nude

Art Nouveau Nude

Repligator  Cube Nude

This image was created with Repligator, a program that comes with some 140 effects. Most of those effects have little use for the needs of artists, but there are some worth looking into. Generally, all you need is the free version as the professional allows you to save effects you create yourself. This image was created with Repligator and enhanced with Dynamic Auto Painter and Paint Shop Pro.

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Natural Meditation

Mother Nature Presents her Best View

A Mountain View of Mountain Scenes

This is Banff National Part at its splendor. It’s a place to get away from the bustle of life and simply relax to enjoy the view and reflect on the purpose of life. Sit quietly and listen to God. Know that all your troubles are small compared to the majesty that Mother Nature presents.

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