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Beautiful Green Eyes with a Nose to Match

A fractal face and exclusive creation that saw life as an Apophysis fractal. The cloud layer for the background was added using Paint Shop Pro.



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Beautiful Green Eyes

On Fractal Wings

On fractal wings was created some years back (during the digital Middle Ages). It was either created with Tierazon or the Stirling fractal generator program. Not much used today, but sometimes an interesting image appeared. This image is rich in its colors of blue and gold.

For more like it and many other fractals created with Ultra Fractal and other generators, see: http://www.creativedigitalexpressions.com

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Crown Royal

Anstract 1107

Abstract Style for Home and Office

Abstract Style for Home and Office

This abstract works well on any wall for home and business.

This abstract was created with Filter Forge, an excellent program with thousands of filters to choose from. The program isn’t just about creating unique effects at the press of a button, the artist can create his own unique filter through the program’s filter editor. If creating filters isn’t your thing, you can modify any preset filter to your liking with easy sliders. You can create your uniquer filters and upload them to the programs filter library. With thousands of filters to choose from, you can spend hours searching for the right one to enhance your photos or artworks.

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Rebirth of the Maya

The New Temple of the Maya

Rebirth of an Ancient Civilization.

Long thought dead, the Mayan civilization is renewed and reborn in this fictitious rendition of their future temple. The grand pyramid is no longer used for sacrifice, only to show the grand architectural design of a new and flourishing civilization. Rent a room, stay for a night and enjoy the new amenities of this new concept city!


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Finlandia Outback

Finland Lake Panorama

Lake Kilpiisjarvi

Lake Kilpisjarvi is a relatively small lake, but it poses an expansive view in Finland. It’s pristine waters have yet to be marred by the onset of civilization.

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