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Sleeping Beauty

Perhaps she’s sleeping or merely having bad dreams. Don’t wake her to find out! This was created with An image created with Fractal Forge and layered over another image also created with Filter Forge. The two layers were adjusted through Paint Shop Pro. For more like it see: http://www.creativedigitalexpressions.com

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Sleeping Beauty

On Fractal Wings

On fractal wings was created some years back (during the digital Middle Ages). It was either created with Tierazon or the Stirling fractal generator program. Not much used today, but sometimes an interesting image appeared. This image is rich in its colors of blue and gold.

For more like it and many other fractals created with Ultra Fractal and other generators, see: http://www.creativedigitalexpressions.com

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Crown Royal


A flame fractal initially created with Apophytsis. Texture and sharpening was added for extra emphasis. A drop shadow was applied.

For more flame fractals, visit: http://www.creativedigitalexpressions.com


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Abstract Floating Bubble

This abstract had its beginnings as an Ultra Fractal image. It was them given an application using Filter Forge before being finished in Paint Shop Pro. The bubble appears to float over the background giving it a 3D appearance. There’s more you can view here:


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Fractal Candy

It's fractalicious!

It’s fractalicious!

Fractalicious candy, bright and tasty. It’ll take you to its very core where you’ll find even more! There’s no end to this candy. It’s even hypnotic if you stare at it for too long! So feast your senses, enjoy the view and the ride to the fractal center.

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Symetrical Abstract

A Mathematical Composition

Abstract Form and Function

Abstracts are vivid in color, shape and form. This particular abstract demonstrates the variety of images that can be created using Ultra Fractal. Simple in nature, yet complex in design. Zoom in and you are likely to find more than what you thought you saw. Fractals open up a world of design. Learn more about them to realize the potential of your creativity!

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Mechanical Motion

Images of GhostsA blending of two images, one created with Ultra Fractal and the other Mandala Maker software. Galaxy was added in Paint Shop Pro. This evokes live motion, yet is organized in stable linesĀ  You can view more artwork like this at: http://www.fineartamerica.com/shop/mario-carini.html

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