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Quiet Moments In the Godswood

It’s a peaceful moment under the God tree between Catelyn and Ned Stark before the war for the throne begins. House Stark i destined to fall as the houses vie for control of the throne.

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Ours is the Fury is the motto for House Baratheon of the Game of Thrones. The Baratheon crowned stag on a background of King’s Landing with the fiery motto on a silver field. It’s today’s new coat of arms for the House. For more see:

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Baratheon Sigil

On Fractal Wings

On fractal wings was created some years back (during the digital Middle Ages). It was either created with Tierazon or the Stirling fractal generator program. Not much used today, but sometimes an interesting image appeared. This image is rich in its colors of blue and gold.

For more like it and many other fractals created with Ultra Fractal and other generators, see:

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Crown Royal

Simplistic Scenery

Photo of Argentine Landscape given severl applications in Dynamic Auto Painter. The brush style is simple, yet the image comes out clear.

For more artworks like this, visit:

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Argentina 2_DAP_PopArt

Packard Convertible 1933

Classic cars are still much in demand as antiques and this is one of them. An original  Packard Convertible now sells for over $300,000. on auction. It”s likely to be beyond most budgets. Still, owning one can give you a nostalgic feeling for those old days when cars were far more solid than today.

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The Inn of the Green Dragon

Hobbits never had it so good! This tranquil place situated in green lush hills of New Zealand is the place where anyone can find relaxation and get away from it all. The inn serves up the typical foods of Middle Earth to make you stay longer. Come for a visit!

For more inspiring art by hundreds of artists in all mediums, please visit:

Inn of the Green Dragon