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In Memorial

A bright bouquet of flowers for my mother who passed away last October. This digital painting of lovely flowers was enhanced with Fractaluis and various applications in Paint Shop Pro. It brings out the beauty that was my mother’s life. She passed away only a short month after her 92nd birthday. May she be reborn again to a better life.

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Rose 004_DAP_New_Vincent

The Spirit of the Mandala

The Meaning of a Spiritual Life

The Meaning of a Spiritual Life

The Mandala has been traditionally looked upon for its healing and rejuvenating properties. To look upon the mandala is to look upon art as well as the soul. It is a means of meditation, a call to us to be more mindful and see the reality of things as they are, not as we wish them to be. Gaze upon a mandala today and reflect upon your life. You will be rewarded with insight and truth that can help you through your darkest days!

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All You Need is Love

Love Governs the Universe

Love is Eternal

Love is eternal. The universe cannot survive without the coexistence of all elements that work together in a harmonious balance. Only man stands in the way of the road to peace and harmony. Only man must learn that strife, conflict and war will never bring about the utopia that he craves so much. The answer is a simple one. If you want peaces it must start with you. You must change your mindset from suspicion, greed and selfishness to giving and love for all, both animals and man. Everyone must learn this fundamental law that brings harmony and peace.

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Valentine Candy Hearts

Candy Hearts for Your Flame

A Taste of Chocolate

Valentines is a special day to show your love for your significant other. But Valentine Day doesn’t have to wait for February 14, You can show your love any day of the year. Give her or him praise and genuine love that can last a lifetime!

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Chakras Explained

The Seven Chakras of the Body

Chakras are the energy centers of the body. When the flow of chi through the body is uninterrupted, the body is is healthy balance and in harmony with the universe. When some stage prevents this flow, the body becomes sick and prone to disease. We can all improve that life force by being in tune with our body’s needs. Focus on the center where there is blockage of energy flow then make appropriate changes that allow you to get back to perfect health.

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