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Quiet Moments In the Godswood

It’s a peaceful moment under the God tree between Catelyn and Ned Stark before the war for the throne begins. House Stark i destined to fall as the houses vie for control of the throne.

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The Inn of the Green Dragon

Hobbits never had it so good! This tranquil place situated in green lush hills of New Zealand is the place where anyone can find relaxation and get away from it all. The inn serves up the typical foods of Middle Earth to make you stay longer. Come for a visit!

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Inn of the Green Dragon

Chakras Explained

The Seven Chakras of the Body

Chakras are the energy centers of the body. When the flow of chi through the body is uninterrupted, the body is is healthy balance and in harmony with the universe. When some stage prevents this flow, the body becomes sick and prone to disease. We can all improve that life force by being in tune with our body’s needs. Focus on the center where there is blockage of energy flow then make appropriate changes that allow you to get back to perfect health.

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Mechanical Motion

Images of GhostsA blending of two images, one created with Ultra Fractal and the other Mandala Maker software. Galaxy was added in Paint Shop Pro. This evokes live motion, yet is organized in stable linesĀ  You can view more artwork like this at:

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