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Free Running

Nothing beats a jaunt on the beech in summer. This lady knows what she`s up to.

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Cubist Nude

Art Nouveau Nude

Repligator  Cube Nude

This image was created with Repligator, a program that comes with some 140 effects. Most of those effects have little use for the needs of artists, but there are some worth looking into. Generally, all you need is the free version as the professional allows you to save effects you create yourself. This image was created with Repligator and enhanced with Dynamic Auto Painter and Paint Shop Pro.

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Modelle Regal

Her beauty livens up a new home. Young and fresh, like the home, the promise of eternal beauty is forever hoped for, yet age will take its toll as it does with all physical things. Before age should take its toll, consider the beauty of life itself which can stand the ravages of age. We cannot hang on to the beauty of youth, but we can see the gift of life and make the best of it.

Livening up an Empty Room

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Lady and Parasol

The Parasol Lady

An Enchanted Evening

The female body, so resplendent in all its glory. Despite their beauty, they are functional with the ability to produce children and feed them. While the beauty may disappear over time, they are so essential for giving life.