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Packard Convertible 1933

Classic cars are still much in demand as antiques and this is one of them. An original¬† Packard Convertible now sells for over $300,000. on auction. It”s likely to be beyond most budgets. Still, owning one can give you a nostalgic feeling for those old days when cars were far more solid than today.

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Death Star Decomissioned

It’s what happens to old empire death stars when they are no more useful to travel through the depths of space. This death star is smaller than the empire’s latest creations. It now serves as a powerful antenna to bring clear videos and communications from every part of the galaxy. For more like it visit: Star Decomissioned

The Inn of the Green Dragon

Hobbits never had it so good! This tranquil place situated in green lush hills of New Zealand is the place where anyone can find relaxation and get away from it all. The inn serves up the typical foods of Middle Earth to make you stay longer. Come for a visit!

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Inn of the Green Dragon

Abstract Floating Bubble

This abstract had its beginnings as an Ultra Fractal image. It was them given an application using Filter Forge before being finished in Paint Shop Pro. The bubble appears to float over the background giving it a 3D appearance. There’s more you can view here:

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Underwater Video

It’s what keeps the fish amused deep in the depths of the ocean. They enjoy watching their fellow creatures enjoy fellow creatures act out parts on the big screen television. To join them, you may need to get into some scuba gear!

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Underwater Video