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The Buddha’s Ipad

The Buddha goes modern with this painting on an Ipad! Proof that even Buddhism still has some relevance today!

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In Memorial

A bright bouquet of flowers for my mother who passed away last October. This digital painting of lovely flowers was enhanced with Fractaluis and various applications in Paint Shop Pro. It brings out the beauty that was my mother’s life. She passed away only a short month after her 92nd birthday. May she be reborn again to a better life.

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Rose 004_DAP_New_Vincent

Mandala in Neon

Mandala in Neon

Because of their circular appearance, mandalas have a mystic side to them. 
Their circular form represent neither beginning nor end. They represent the cycle of birth, death and rebirth, a cycle that the Buddha sought to end by reaching Nirvana.
Life itself is a complicated revolution of individual elements, which shows that the interior of the mandala is never the same, like the whorls of fingerprints.
We are all unique, with the blessing to make our lives outstanding in some way. What we make of life and how we do it creates the beauty that mandalas represent. 
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CAD Mandala

Anstract 1107

Abstract Style for Home and Office

Abstract Style for Home and Office

This abstract works well on any wall for home and business.

This abstract was created with Filter Forge, an excellent program with thousands of filters to choose from. The program isn’t just about creating unique effects at the press of a button, the artist can create his own unique filter through the program’s filter editor. If creating filters isn’t your thing, you can modify any preset filter to your liking with easy sliders. You can create your uniquer filters and upload them to the programs filter library. With thousands of filters to choose from, you can spend hours searching for the right one to enhance your photos or artworks.

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