Monthly Archives: October 2015

The Golden Tree

Three of Gold

Tree of Gold. Created with Dynamic Auto Painter

A very early image created some years back. It was resurrected and given a paint style using Dynamic Auto Painter and embellishments with Paint Shop Pro. DAP is a unique program that fits both the beginner and the seasoned pro. While it creates amazing works of art, it has the tools to adjust the created image both before, during and after the render. This makes it one of the most versatile paint programs out there.

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Cubist Nude

Art Nouveau Nude

Repligator  Cube Nude

This image was created with Repligator, a program that comes with some 140 effects. Most of those effects have little use for the needs of artists, but there are some worth looking into. Generally, all you need is the free version as the professional allows you to save effects you create yourself. This image was created with Repligator and enhanced with Dynamic Auto Painter and Paint Shop Pro.

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Mandala Electric

Space Vortex

Space Vortex in Time

This image was initially created with Mandala Maker, a unique program that creates colorful mandalas of geometric designs. Mandalas are spiritual symbols much lie kaleidoscopes. They are meant to be studied and meditated. Though mostly circular in design they can project a good deal of complexity in the shape of triangles, squares, hexagons and octagons. Because they can be complex, that makes them into fine works of art.

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