Monthly Archives: June 2015

The Birth of the Lady Arwen

The Splendor of Lady Arwen

The Elfin Lad

The queen of the elves is revealed to lead her race from the evil peril of Mordor. Here she is revealed in the splendor of light, a beacon of all that is good and just. This image is a composition of several layers of fractal flames generated with Apophysis. Sell Art Online

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Symetrical Abstract

A Mathematical Composition

Abstract Form and Function

Abstracts are vivid in color, shape and form. This particular abstract demonstrates the variety of images that can be created using Ultra Fractal. Simple in nature, yet complex in design. Zoom in and you are likely to find more than what you thought you saw. Fractals open up a world of design. Learn more about them to realize the potential of your creativity!

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