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The Acidic Forest

The Acid ForestOur world is a precious commodity. It’s the only breathing planet we have. Yet we continue to pollute it, destroy its forests. This image, from a photo, was altered digitally to bring out the acidic effect that destroyed these trees. The forest is burning and the skies are unhealthy looking. Can we afford to destroy the only ecosystem that sustains life?

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Chakras Explained

The Seven Chakras of the Body

Chakras are the energy centers of the body. When the flow of chi through the body is uninterrupted, the body is is healthy balance and in harmony with the universe. When some stage prevents this flow, the body becomes sick and prone to disease. We can all improve that life force by being in tune with our body’s needs. Focus on the center where there is blockage of energy flow then make appropriate changes that allow you to get back to perfect health.

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